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A Guide, Healing Journal, and Keepsake.

Losing a pet can be devastating and isolating. The trauma and grief that ensues is often trivialized or misunderstood by friends and family but it is unyielding and must be attended to. Griffin’s Heart is an unwavering companion during the most difficult time and provides the reader with practical tools to navigate grief and ultimately find comfort, hope, and healing.

How it works:

  • Read at your own pace — chapters are short and contained
  • Complete the exercises at the end of each chapter
  • Place photos throughout — 9 photo pages provided
  • Save notes, cards, and mementos in the keepsake pocket

Comfort & Companionship

First and foremost, Griffin’s heart is a book. Chapters are short, contained, easy to digest, and can even be read out of order. The author speaks directly to the reader, as if she were sitting right there in the room.

Insight Through Journaling

Griffin’s Heart teaches us to embrace and explore our darkest feelings and transform them into wisdom and strength. Through guided journaling, the reader can stay focused on love and precious memories.

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Practical Healing Exercises

Engage in therapeutic exercises including simple but powerful cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, mediations, breathing exercises, art therapy, music therapy, and more.

Creating a Keepsake

Throughout the book, the reader will find many opportunities for their own contributions. As the book progresses, it becomes a repository for memories and a record of the pet that was loved so much. Inside the back cover is a keepsake pocket for mementos.

Customer Reviews

Tamara Levitt
Tamara Levitt
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"A must have for animal lovers who are looking for support and healing."
Mollie Jackman
Mollie Jackman
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"After going through the process, I couldn’t recommend it more."
Jaycee Dugard
Jaycee Dugard
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"Griffin’s Heart provides a space to honor the loss of our amazing friends."
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"The entire book was a virtual hug. I can't recommend it enough. Loved."

The Gift of Healing

Give the gift of healing to yourself or someone in need. Within the pages the reader can find comfort, hope, wisdom, and healing while creating a tribute to the animal they loved so much.

Griffin's Heart: Mourning Your Pet with No Apologies | A Memoir, Healing Journal, and Keepsake | Pet Loss Gift

A Book & Memoir

Comfort and wisdom from across disciplines, cultures, and religions + Reagan's story

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A Healing Journal

Through guided journaling, readers actively participate in the healing process

A Keepsake

Create a keepsake filled with precious memories, photos, and mementos

Customer Stories

Reagan's Story

Author Reagan Pasternak’s own story unfolds as the pages progress, reminding readers that they are not alone in their sorrow and that hope exists for all of us.

About the Author: 

Reagan Pasternak is a Canadian-born actress, singer, and writer. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and five rescue animals. Reagan is known for HBO’s Sharp Objects, HULU’s Being Erica, BET’s Ms. Pat, and others.


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Griffin’s Heart is an interactive guide to pet loss and navigating the grief process. Through journaling, healing exercises, and contributions, readers will find an outlet for their pain while creating a keepsake filled with beautiful memories.