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Griffin’s Heart: Mourning Your Pet With No Apologies


There’s no other pet loss book like Griffin’s Heart—because it’s more than a book — it’s a grief guide / journal / workbook / keepsake all-in-one. Readers actively participate in the healing process through journaling, placing photos, practical healing exercises, art & music therapy, and more. When finished, Griffin’s Heart becomes a keepsake filled with memories to honor and remember a life lived. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who is suffering from the loss of a beloved pet and struggling to navigate the grief process.

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There’s no other pet loss book like Griffin’s Heart — because it’s more than a book — it’s a grief guide / journal / workbook / keepsake all-in-one. Readers actively participate in the healing process through guided journaling, placing photos, practical healing exercises, art & music therapy, and more. When finished, Griffin’s Heart becomes a keepsake filled with memories to honor and remember a life lived. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who is suffering from the loss of a beloved pet and struggling to navigate the grief process.

Griffin’s Heart is the brainchild of actress and author Reagan Pasternak (HBO’s Sharp Objects, HULU’s Being Erica, BET’s Ms. Pat). Reagan tells her own story of loss while offering comfort, insights, and engaging readers to explore their grief and find meaning—with no apologies.

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42 reviews for Griffin’s Heart: Mourning Your Pet With No Apologies

  1. Ginny Walter

    When I lost my precious Joshi to lymphoma, I thought I would die with her. I had her from birth to the day she died in my arms with me telling her how much I loved her 14 years later. A good friend bought me this journal book and it saved me. I thank you from my heart. I love this book. It has a special place where I keep it. This is my heart, Joshi.

  2. Mollie Jackman

    Fletcher was my first dog. He helped me maintain (at least a semblance of) my sanity through college, grad school, a pandemic, and so much more. Losing him was easily one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced, and I don’t think I could have even completed this workbook had I tried to start it right away. But after going through the process, I couldn’t recommend it more. If you’ve lost a pet — even if it’s been years — you may find comfort in it, too. Read my full review of Griffin’s Heart here:

  3. Katherine Ann Crowley

    My Oliver has been gone a week. He was my 8 year old pug and my heart dog. I miss him so much. I’m working my way through your book and it’s helping my grieving process.

  4. Jeremy Gribble

    I got 4 of your books so that both my girls and my partner could possibly benefit as well. I’ve ended up sending one to a friend who not long ago lost her precious dog under horrible circumstances so I’m hoping in time it might help her.🤞🏻. Thanks again.

  5. Jules Marieca

    I lost my baby boy a few weeks ago. He was only 4. A friend of mine sent me your book and it’s been a lot for me but the healing process with this book has been really helpful for me. He was only 4 and it was so sudden. I’m so horribly broken and so lost. I look forward to continuing this book and to healing.

  6. Ami May

    I lost Bodhi last Wednesday. He was my best friend. I just bought your book and am looking forward to working through my grief.

  7. evolvebda

    Hi there, just wanted to thank you again for your book. I am still working through it six months later. Still can’t print any pics. Still cry. It was interesting that you had hooponopono in there because I naturally started doing it even before his death. I am grateful to have a place to hold all my memories and thoughts. ❤️

  8. Kimberly Songer Barranco

    2 months and still brings me to tears; thank u for the journal/book. ❤️

  9. Veronica Salgado

    My mom ordered me one through Amazon. I’ve done a few journaling prompts and I love being able to talk about him again. I appreciate you. Thank you!

  10. Amelia Macaskill

    I read 2 pages today and was already crying ugly tears so decided to take it slowly. but thank you for sharing your journey and now I must just be brave enough to walk it with you 💔💔💔 ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹. Amelia

  11. Rachael

    This is one of the best pieces of reading material I have ever gotten my hands on. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and recently lost my sweet German shepherd, Dakota. I was validated every step of the way reading. I’ve read through tons of grief material and this is the very best. I wish I could give more than five stars.

  12. Kayla M. Tonnessen

    Thank you! Your book has been helping me so much the past couple of weeks. ❤️

  13. Henry

    Hi- I finished your book on Sunday night. I also purchased a copy for a girlfriend who just lost her cat.

    I am thankful for the opportunity to reframe my grief with gratitude. I am still suffering. A lot. And feeling like I’m going insane. But your book helped me a lot in validating my grief. Thank you 🌈

  14. Sarah Sikora

    I was so touched by the feelings for your own cat that it made me feel like the author truly understood. Sending all the best to you. 🤍

  15. Kathy Ronick

    Thank you! A lot of tears and some smiles in memory of my beloved GRACEY Bell.

  16. Tink

    Just finishing the book. It’s amazing and I thank you so much❤️

    3 wks ago, 5/1/22, I had to let Tink go🌈
    I fostered him when he was 8yo & in return he rescued me. I quickly became renamed Tink’s Mom & am very proud of that. We had 9 wonderful years together.
    He lived a wonderfully happy, spoiled life.
    He was a fighter! He had multiple seizures weekly until 2018 when we started acupuncture. He had spine & knee problems and a collapsing trachea.
    He was a dog w 2 cancers- oral melanoma and finally cutaneous lymphoma.
    The only thing he adored more than me was food. He loved riding in the car, flying in airplanes, begging for treats, grilling, greeting me when I came home and bossing me. He was the joy to every piece of every day. Those memories & that energy will never fade❤️💓
    Bc of your book I feel I can honor him completely and keep hope within me.

  17. Ellen Marie Meherin

    My dog KC was 13 years old when he died and he was very sick and his organs where shutting down and I had to put him down this December 26 2021 it’s been very hard on me thank you for making this book it is very helpful and just to let you know I do t do much reading and I am stuck in this book and I am so grateful you wrote this book it means so much to me thanks. You are a very great person for writing this book it has helped me in way you don’t know thanks for all you did to make this book.

  18. DrB

    I lost my beautiful Lacey a month ago, about a year after losing my mother. A friend gave me your book, and I can barely breathe.

  19. Chloe Bollier

    I found your book today, after having to put my beloved Chicken Honey to sleep yesterday. She was the best, and I’m going to miss her so very much. Thank you for this book, and your words reminding us all that these beings really do have a soul connection with us, and that we don’t need to hide our grief ❤️

  20. Diane Shilbauer

    Thankful for this book, hopefully will help my friend.

  21. Anni

    Thank you so much for this amazing book! 🙏🧡

  22. Alina

    A friend recommended your book to me after my pup passed away. I read the whole thing and did the exercises over 2 days and I want to tell you how much it helped me 🙏🏼 I am still crying but I finally found peace, I finally found an answer that I needed so badly. I will definitely recommend your book to anyone who has lost a pet and is grieving. Thank you ❤️

  23. Steph Moss

    This book is helping me so much. Thank you for writing this! My copy sits on my desk with a pic of my Bernie taped to the box it came in.

  24. G. Kelly

    When my special friend Oakley passed away, Griffin’s Heart came along at exactly the right time. Grief was an enormous reality in my life and Reagan Pasternak’s book guided me through the process. I am very grateful.

  25. JoAnn Cory Saffioti

    Just received “Griffins heart” I lost my rescue cairn terrier Tobee we had 14 beautiful years. The last year was tough to see his health deteriorate
    Tobee rescued me. My heart is broken

  26. Doreen Quigley

    It’s helped me a lot. I’m having a very hard time with the loss of my cat Ozzy.

  27. Chris Anthony

    Hi been reading your book & it is really helping me- got to the part when yr Being says” it ok” hit me like a ton of bricks because that is what I heard after my Being passed & that validated that I wasn’t hearing things- tks so much

  28. Iliana Viciedo-Arias

    Your book was highly recommended and I got it. This is for my Max, my wonderful beautiful brown lab that I had to say goodbye to 5-28-21. I had him for 7 1/2 wonderful years and he changed my life for the better every day. I miss him more than I could say or explain to anyone. Thank you 🙏🏻 so much. It was amazing and is helping me little by little every day.

  29. Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL (International Bestselling Author, Founder, Center For Pet Loss Grief)

    A wonderful and holistic resource for healing the loss of a pet.

  30. Ruth M. Tuccio

    Wonderful. I admin a greyhound grief support group on fb and I’m going to recommend it.

  31. Kelli Nims

    I cannot thank you enough for this resource. I was scared of the part where I had to write a poem because I’m not creative and all, but I opened my heart gave & it a try…my pen just poured out words I never knew lived in me. Thank you for bringing me to that special moment in my pet loss journey ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Tamara Levitt (Head of Mindfulness at ‘Calm,’ Bestselling Author)

    Griffin’s Heart offers tools, resources and journaling exercises to help readers release their pain and soothe their heart.

  33. Connie Lee

    A beautiful book and it helped me so much. Ty. I lost my baby ( companion animal )1 month ago and I still break down daily, he was almost 15 and even though I know he was ready , I was not but I did what I had to do for him. I feel so empty and lost without him.

  34. Kiki Aguayo

    I’ve had tears rolling down my cheeks everyday for 3 weeks now. But I did purchase your book and started it this morning but I have to pace myself. My heart can only take so much. Thanks for creating something that can validate what we feel about our fur babies. And that they are NOT just animals.

  35. Natasha Hudzy

    Being able to write my feelings and answer the tough questions you asked in book after each topic was really helpful. It was painful but I had to do it. ♥️ THANK YOU AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOUVE DONE FOR ME AND CONTINUE TO DO!!!! Thank you is not enough honestly!!!!!

  36. Patti Piscitell Loveless

    I just purchased Griffin’s Heart for my niece.

  37. Rebecca Bailey, PhD (Bestselling Author, Director, Transitioning Families)

    Finally a book that honors the grief connected to the loss of a significant source of support for so many.

  38. Dr. Katie Lawlor, Psy.D.

    I absolutely loved this; thank you so much 💛

  39. Andrea Lewis

    Griffin’s Heart is a beautiful tribute to our animal companions. It brought me great comfort and insight while I grieved, and continue to grieve, the loss of my beloved Spike. I highly recommend this book to everyone who holds the heart of their cherished family member.

  40. Jaycee Dugard (NYT Bestselling Author, Founder, The JAYC Foundation)

    Our pets give us so much unconditional love that when we lose them it can feel like our world stops. Griffin’s Heart provides a space to honor the loss of our amazing friends and have their memory forever live on if only through our hearts and these pages.

  41. Anna Silk

    This book is incredible. It reaches down inside yourself into places you didn’t consciously know needed healing. It breaks your heart wide open.

  42. A. White

    This book is not only a guide on grieving the loss of a pet but is also a comfort blanket full of warmth, sympathy and understanding that helps you cope with a specific type of pain that is often overlooked in society – the pain of losing a non human family member.

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